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Visual Identity | 2020

Tabaixado is a headshop and tobacconist located in Porto Alegre/RS whose main objective is to provide products for the consumption of Cannabis/Tobacco and also to be a portal of knowledge, art and culture for its public.

To differentiate itself from competitors, the logo was developed with a unique and personalized typography, aiming to represent the attributes: rebellious, artistic, artisanal and “street”. We brought as main characteristics the irregularity in the strokes, the pen style and the combination of uppercase and lowercase letters that further reinforce the rebellious and handmade  side of the brand.


In order to express the characteristics defined for the company, shades of green and orange were chosen that translate the sensations of an organic, friendly, free, extroverted and young personality. These colors combined with blue reinforce the feelings of confidence and seriousness that Tabbaixado provides to its customers. Its flexible chromatic palette allows the brand to assume different color combinations in its compositions, making it multifaceted, open-minded, artistic and creative.


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